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Our Programs


Healthy Relationships Program

TMA Workshops

We run workshops over 8 sessions, for three hours per session for 8 weeks, where we will look at: 

  • Reconnecting

  • Communication

  • Managing conflict

  • Forgiveness 

  • The impact of extended family/ third parties

  • Managing money

  • Sex is a gift

  • Loving each other well 


Marriage/Relationship Mentoring

We bring together a team of experienced couples to come alongside less experienced couples to facilitate a thriving marriage/relationship.


Peer-to-Peer Support

Peer-to-peer support provides an opportunity to connect with others with a similar cultural
background to individuals of the same sex. It allows for the isolation that can be possible in
relationships to be removed, where people can connect with someone who can empathize with
their experience and provide a sense of community and understanding.


Couples Community Support

Couples doing life together is based on the principle of "you start to become those you spend time
with the most". We will organize couples’ events like "sip and paint", couples bowling, etc. to give
couples an opportunity to do life with others while having positive experiences in their relationship.


Expressive Arts

The arts have been the tool for communication within the African and Asian contexts. We use all five
disciples of the arts (visual, dance/movement, music, drama/theatre, and writing/poetry) to
communicate our message in a culturally responsive manner, as a form of intervention, and to
improve mental health.


Community Engagement Events

Some of the issues that individuals face in their relationships are not unique to any family. Because we do not often have these conversations in the open, it can feel like individuals are the only ones struggling with those issues. We want to engage our community in having open and honest communications about challenges in marriage and how to mitigate them.


Referral to culturally responsive counselors

Referral to culturally responsive counselors: For couples that have specific relationship wounds to process their hurts and heal, we will make referrals to counselors that are culturally responsive and can relate to marital issues from diverse cultural perspectives

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