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Marriage Mentoring

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What is Marriage Mentoring?

​Marriage mentors are experienced married couples who purposefully invests in other couples to support their process of effectively navigating the marriage journey. Marriage mentors allow their hindsight to become someone else's foresight.

Mentoring isn’t a counseling or coaching service.
The definitions below illustrate the differences between these various types of services
and establish boundaries for the mentor–mentee relationship.

Mentoring is a relationship between experienced individuals (mentors) and less experienced persons
(mentees) where the mentors share their experiences and knowledge with the mentees. Mentors can
provide advice, suggestions, and other information from which the mentees can learn and help the
mentees to develop their marriage relationships. As part of this mentor-mentee relationship, the
mentors can also provide guidance and share their expertise, experience, and knowledge. Although
friendships can develop through mentorship, this isn’t the aim of the mentorship program.

Coaching is a results-based approach that involves setting goals or objectives and managing professional
and personal change. Led by someone with the necessary expertise (the coach), this activity aims to help
the person being coached to become more aware of aspects that can lead to success and better
performance, possible inconsistencies, and main challenges—often elements the person being coached
isn’t aware of but that are key in their development.

Counseling aims to resolve a wide variety of personal difficulties using targeted solutions.

​We offer a 1 MONTH FREE marriage mentoring program.

What is required from a mentor couple?

To be a mentor, an experience navigating marriage for at least a decade, living a healthy marriage, a love for people, a willingness to share marriage experiences and can give at least a month (minimum 1 hour per week) to mentoring a couple would be necessary.

Training will be provided. 

At the end of the 1-month mentoring, the mentor couple may suggest that a mentee couple would benefit from one of the following:

  • Marriage counsellor

  • Marriage coach

  • Build community around them to support their marriage

What is required from a mentee couple?

A marriage mentee couple are individuals in relationship/ marriage that realize that their relationship could benefit from learning from other experienced couples. If that is you, welcome to a safe space where other people’s hindsight becomes your foresight.

What is required from a mentee?

A willingness and commitment from both individuals in the relationship to commit to a mentoring relationship for at least 1 month.



Become A Marriage Mentor Couple

  • Are you a natural listener & encourager?

  • Do you & your spouse have 1 hour per week for a month that you could volunteer?

  • Do you have a healthy marriage with 10years or more experience? Nobody's marriage is perfect, so your marriage does not need to be perfect (just healthy) to become an effective marriage mentor.


Need A Marriage Mentor?

  • Would you like to connect with other married couples who have years of marriage experience and learn from them?

  • Your marriage mentor will offer their life experiences, listening ears and a safe non-threatening atmosphere where you can learn to navigate marriage intelligently and avoid disaster ahead.

Please note that marriage mentoring is not the same as marriage coaching or counselling. If you need coaching or counselling, please contact us.

Mentoring is dependent on the availability of mentor couples.

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