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How You Can Partner & Get Involved With Us

TheMarriageAdvocates is committed to providing practical resources to empower relationships and marriages with the help they need, but we can’t do this on our own. We need you.  

You could be a blessing to many marriages and relationships by partnering with us to provide the help needed to save a marriage and support relationships.


In-Kind Donations

Yes, we accept non - cash gifts.


Volunteer for events

We are looking for volunteers who can participate in the events we host, please use the Contact Us button to get on our volunteer database.


Donate Financially

Financial donations are a great way to support our programs and services.


Become a marriage mentor couple

We need your time, passion and marriage experience.

If you have 10years or more experience of navigating marriage & your marriage is healthy, please contact us.

Training will be provided.


Become a partner

We are looking for agencies, businesses, faith-based and non-faith-based organizations, community organizations etc. to partner with us.


Become a sponsor

You could be a blessing to many by sponsoring us to provide the help needed to support or save a marriage.

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