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"Every Marriage is a duet in need of great backup singers"                           -Ted Cunningham


TheMarriageAdvocates Canada (TMA) is a nonprofit organization that was birthed from the hearts of a couple whose hearts are breaking for broken marriages. 

We aim to equip marriages to thrive by hosting marriage courses, providing marriage mentorship and a wealth of marriage resources.

Welcome To TheMarriageAdvocates

About The Founders

Ife and Dami aka TheMarriageAdvocates are certified marriage mentors.


We have been together for 20 years and married for 12 years. Our mission is to help couples learn the skills that they need to have a thriving marriage and to provide a support network that couples can tap into when required.

Board of Directors
BOD pix.jpg

Our board of directors include individuals with diverse skills and marriage experience; with a unified passion for serving our community and seeing marriages thrive.

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We provide:

  • Marriage/ relationship workshops using research informed resources

  • Marriage/ relationship mentorship

  • Peer to peer support

  • Expressive Arts

  • Community Connection

  • Community Engagement Events

  • Referral to culturally responsive counselors

Thriving Relationships Workshops

A research informed program designed to help couples build healthy relationships, learn to communicate effectively, manage conflicts well and much more.

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