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"Every Marriage is a duet in need of great backup singers"                           -Ted Cunningham


TheMarriageAdvocates Canada’s mandate is to serve the immigrant community by providing skills training, mentorship, coaching, and engagement with the community that will enable individual families to foster healthy relationships that will flow naturally into the health of our community.

Welcome To TheMarriageAdvocates Canada

About The Founders

Mr Ife and Dr. Dami (PhD) aka TheMarriageAdvocates are certified marriage coaches and mentors.


We have been together for 20 years and married for 12 years. Our mission is to help couples learn the skills that they need to have a thriving marriage and to provide a support network that couples can tap into when required.

Board of Directors
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Our board of directors include individuals with diverse skills and marriage experience; with a unified passion for serving our community and seeing marriages thrive.

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We provide:

  • Marriage/ relationship workshops using research informed resources

  • Marriage/ relationship mentorship

  • Marriage/ relationship coaching

  • Peer to peer support

  • Expressive Arts

  • Community Connection

  • Community Engagement Events

  • Referral to culturally responsive counselors

Thriving Relationships Workshops

A research informed program designed to help couples build healthy relationships, learn to communicate effectively, manage conflicts well and much more.

Research shows that with adequate training, mentorship, coaching and/or counseling, domestic violence can be prevented, while mental health is improved. This is what we do with the Thriving Relationships Workshops



When I first started this program with the Marriage Advocates, I really had very little hope for my relationship with my wife Marcia.

Then we went to our first meeting and a heaviness was lifted off my chest, almost like I can breathe again. After endless fights and arguing I can finally see some hope. As we went to the meetings with Ife and Dami they guided us through some hard times and the program helped us see where we had lost touch and where we needed to improve.


Now I can confidently say that I have hope and reasoning to continue with my marriage! Thank you to all TheMarriageAdvocates people for taking the time to help save my marriage! 


I will be coming back to refresh and make sure we stay on the right Path. 


I would also recommend this program to any new or older married couple; it definitely helped me in my marriage


The Thriving Relationship workshop has helped me a great deal to understand my spouse in a way I never knew was possible. In turn he is starting to understand me too. I truly believe this workshop or something similar to this should be offered or mandatory for couples before they get married so they don't go through all these trials and tribulations, which could potentially lead to a divorce.  You learn so much about each other and about yourself. It is also a great self-reflection program.


I would definitely recommend this program to all couples. 

Dre & Marcia : Fall 2023 participants

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